Nov 25, 2021

IV FinExpertiza Global Conference in Cyprus

IV FinExpertiza Global Conference in Cyprus

IV FinExpertiza Global Conference was successfully held on 25th November 2021 in Limassol, Cyprus. Representatives of the member-companies of the FinExpertiza Network from 17 countries have met to discuss the challenges and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on efficiently adjusting  global and local business strategies to new economic and social standards.

FinExpertiza Global Development Director for Europe, Michael Hadjihannas, opened the Conference with emphasis on the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic: “After almost two years of the immense social & economic impact and the havoc caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we honor the loved ones we have lost and turn to the future with perseverance and unity of our FinExpertiza Family.” The speakers at the Conference joined by offering their input on the influence of the pandemic on marketing models, tax aspects of crypto currencies, energy legislation and social impact.

Particular focus was put on  how to minimize the damage and identify opportunities, economic development, digitalization and sustainable development, as well as the environmental, social and governance factors, alongside financial factors, in the investment decision-making during the pandemic and in the post-pandemic recovery.

President of FinExpertiza Global, Elena Trubnikova, stated: “The pandemic made it possible to fully experience the fragility of our world and the value of human life. The agenda of digital transformation and economic growth has come to the forefront, as well as the problems of ecology, the well-being of each person, the social responsibility of business, and the principles of sustainable development.”

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