May 23, 2019

Ship registration eligibility policy update

Ship registration eligibility policy update

Following an update of policy on the eligibility of ships registered under the Cyprus flag dated 23rd May 2019, ships of any size and type may be registered in the Register of Cyprus Ships if they are compliant with the specified requirements, in conjunction with the relevant provisions of the statutes of the Republic of Cyprus, as follows: 

1. Age-related requirements

Type of ship

Entry inspection required

Additional inspection required

Cargo ship

Vessels over 15 years


Passenger ships engaged on international or short international voyages or engaged on domestic voyages within the territory of a State, other than Cyprus

Vessels over 15 years

Vessels over 20 years, biennially

Fishing vessels under 25 years


Yes, annually

Ships of types other than listed above

Vessels over 15 years*


*Pleasure yachts, non-propelled craft and other vessels with gross tonnage less than 500 may be excluded from this condition. 

All ships (except passenger ships and fishing vessels) over 25 years old are required to comply with the following requirements:

  • ship must pass an entry inspection prior to the registration of the vessel in the Register of Cyprus Ships; 
  • ship’s records, age and detention history justify the registration.

The inspections are carried out by the Shipping Deputy Ministry surveyors at the expense of the registered owner or registered bareboat charterer. 

2. Type-related requirements

Passenger and cargo ships

Passenger ships and cargo ships engaged on international voyages, including short international voyages, should engage for sea training cadets who are permanent residents of the Republic of Cyprus, if requested by the Permanent Secretary of Shipping Deputy Ministry.

Fishing vessels

  • Fishing vessels aged 25 years or more are not accepted for registration in the Register of Cyprus Ships Book of Parallel Registration.
  • Applications for the registration of fishing vessels will not be considered unless they are accompanied by an official communication from the Director of the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and the Environment, confirming that the registration of the fishing vessel in question is allowed.
  • Fishing vessels outside of the scope of the EU Directive 97/70/EC stating a harmonized safety regime for fishing vessels of 24 meters in length and over, must comply with the following: 
    1. to be classed with one of the recognized organizations;
    2. to comply with the codes, guidelines, recommendations and standards of the International Maritime Organization and/or of the International Labour Organization and/or of the Food and Agricultural Organization and/or of the European Union which are relevant to their type, and to be surveyed and certified to that effect by one of the recognized organizations.

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