Oct 29, 2019

FinExpertiza International Network III Annual Conference

FinExpertiza International Network III Annual Conference


FinExpertiza Cyprus took part in the III Annual Conference of FinExpertiza International Network, which was held on 24-27 of October 2019 in Amsterdam. The Conference brought together the top management and leading experts of FinExpertiza Network companies from 15 countries.

This year the delegates focused on the role of communications in the brand globalization process in the digital era. The conference program addressed hot global topics like successful strategies for building up a positive company reputation in new markets, optimal communication channels and tools for shaping international customers’ behavior, adaptation of branding and communication policies to local needs and assessment of the effectiveness of communications in general.

Speakers with an extensive international marketing background presented to the audience the most successful cases from various sectors of the economy, analyzed the issue of global vs local in international communications, considered the inhibiting influence of regional habits, cultural values and language barriers on brand globalization, as well as evaluated the impact of modern technologies on communications.


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