FinExpertiza Cyprus (Hadjihannas and Partners Accountants Limited) is a licensed audit firm, registered with the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus (ICPAC).

Internal Control


Having your business evaluated by an external professional is an excellent tool in establishing the efficiency of your operating systems and whether your present processes can be upgraded, when it comes to the productivity of your team.

  • Ensuring that the risks of error or inappropriate actions are eradicated by splitting duties between staff, e.g. assigning more than one person for processing of financial transactions;
  • Appointing a person with powers of approval, as regards a transaction being in line with the company policy, and ensuring that the required funds are available;
  • Ensuring all records of transactions are routinely reviewed, reconciled and properly processed by staff other than the person who has carried out those transactions;
  • Physically securing, counting and comparing equipment, cash and other property, to comply with item descriptions on control records;
  • Provision of staff training and guidance, ensuring the necessary knowledge for carrying out their duties has been made available, combined with the appropriate level of direction and supervision;
  • Making staff aware of the proper channels for reporting suspected improprieties;
  • Ensuring that all employees have access to company documentation on the policies and procedures in the event of prolonged staff absence or high employee turnover;
  • Monitoring whether company objectives and goals are realistic and whether they are being carried out to their full potential by the staff.

Audit facts


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